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Engineering teams: what and how

I’ve recently been traveling and speaking with engineering teams in different organizations. These organizations are some of the top technology companies in the world with relatively mature development processes.

Occasionally I’ll run across teams full of smart people and regardless of the company they’re a part of, they’ve forgotten some fundamentals. In my experience, if you have the fundamentals, just like with most things in life, the details will get sorted.
In this instance, I’m not talking about the technical details of architecture, testing, etc. I’m talking about team dynamics and the ability to get things done.
Team-based software engineering (the only way to build products, not just projects) is made up of two main areas: What you buildHow you build it I’ve seen teams be so consumed with one that they forget the other — in either case they don’t succeed. How you build it is as important as what you build The most common case is teams become so busy focused on what they’re bu…